‘Worm Rain’ Falls From Sky in China Leaving People Baffled

The Worm Rain That’s Confusing the Internet

When you think of the bizarre incidents that happen in the world, there seems to be almost no logic or reason behind the astonishing events. No matter how much you stretch your imagination to picture the most absurd occurrences, you might just fall short of what actually transpired in China. It seems that parts of the country have had ‘worm rain’ in Liaoning province along the borders of North Korea.

The Worm Rain

Recently, a video showing this baffling event became popular on the internet. This video shows a line of cars that appear to be completely covered by what can be perceived as slimy creatures. This peculiar phenomenon gets even stranger in the clip where the people in the area behave as if this is nothing out of the ordinary, with the only exception being a lady who is seen with an umbrella. While we have no comments from authorities on this, some ideas about what could have caused this have started floating around on the internet. A Twitter user claimed that these are not worms but poplar flowers that look like furry caterpillars upon full bloom.

Other Theories

Other Theories

Still, others theorize that these worms might have ended up in the area after being carried off by strong winds, a kind of occurrence that has been observed throughout history. A similar incident happened in Texarkana, East Texas, where fish apparently fell from the skies in December 2021. However, The Library of Congress states that animal rain has not been examined properly enough to find exactly what causes it. Meteorologists have hypothesized that these events could be a result of tornadic waterspouts that carry small animals from water in their vortices only to drop them along the way. Another suggestion blames the wind currents from weather conditions like tornadoes for animal rains. Incidents supporting this claim have been seen in tornado-prone areas like Kansas City and Ishikawa Prefecture.